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BYU-Idaho Imperative no. 1

Improve the Quality


To better prepare BYU–Idaho students for a very challenging world, every dimension of the BYU–Idaho experience—spiritual, intellectual, social—must increase in its quality

This will require inspired innovation and important changes in many aspects of our work and an enormous effort by everymember of the campus community.

As we move forward, we focus our efforts through the following objectives:

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We welcome your participation and invite your gifts in support of this worthy effort. Your contributions will enhance and accelerate our success.

Objective 1 - Develop and implement the overarching BYU–Idaho learning model as the basis for all teaching and learning.

There is a great spirit of learning at BYU–Idaho and much learning by faith. In raising the quality of the learning experience, we must take that spirit deeper to make learning by faith a pervasive, everyday reality.

To learn by faith, students need opportunities to take action—to speak, to contribute, and to teach one another.

We enhance learning by faith and teaching by the Spirit by implementing the BYU–Idaho Learning Model through the following efforts:

  • Develop teaching materials that support the active learning model.

  • Produce and distribute these teaching materials.

  • Introduce faculty forums that stimulate face-to-face and Web discussion, conduct multi-faculty and other research projects, etc., to advance the scholarship of teaching and learning.

  • Create online courses to deepen learning, including materials, Websites, and innovative teaching methods.

Objective 2 - Implementing a new Foundations program to strengthen the core educational experience for BYU–Idaho students.

BYU–Idaho has created a distinctive GE package, called Foundations, that will become the basis for a great education experience—one that will provide students with more brains-on, hands-on opportunities to learn, helping students genuinely understand the principles being studied.

Students receive a deep foundational education as they examine secular knowledge in light of eternal truth. They gain enlightened understanding and the capacity to deal effectively and appropriately with complex issues.

To strengthen the core educational experience for BYU–Idaho students, we will:

  • Establish new and unique courses for the Foundations program.

  • Produce and distribute teaching materials that support the Foundations program.

  • Prepare online courses to augment the effectiveness and reach of the Foundations program.

  • Implement innovative teaching methods that can be employed in the Foundations program.

  • Develop online pre-matriculation courses that will prepare incoming students for Foundations coursework.


Objective 3 - Helping students develop leadership and problem-solving skills through experiential learning.

Thousands of students every year receive leadership training and experience at BYU–Idaho.

The best and largest example of this experience is the Student Activities Program, which includes activities in six areas: social, service, talent, outdoor, fitness, and sports. Every branch of the Activities Program offers a wide range of activities—every one student led, student organized, and student run.

If we add to this program the tremendous number of students involved in academic societies, mentored research, internships, student employment, and ward and stake callings, we begin to see the power of leadership development at the university.

In effect, BYU–Idaho is a great leadership development center.

To raise the quality of leadership development and problem-solving skills, we must:

  • Offer students leadership opportunities and professional preparation.

  • Provide student mentored learning experiences that include research, practice, and practicum opportunities.

  • Increase student opportunities to teach one another.

  • Expand the number of student internships, employment interviews, and placement opportunities.

  • Promote more career-related student employment opportunities.


Objective 4 - Enhancing BYU–Idaho’s physical environment to enrich students’ spiritual, academic, and social experiences.

The beauty of the BYU–Idaho campus comes from the harmony of its parts and the spirit that prevails here.

This glorious ensemble bears witness of the Creator and the truthfulness of His gospel. Here students can follow the Savior and prepare for effective service in their homes, in the Church, in the community, and at work.

Among our many efforts to preserve and refine this singular learning environment, we will:

  • Bring beauty and holiness to the campus by enhancing the landscape and acquiring appropriate artwork and sculpture.

  • Construct new and improve existing outdoor spaces for gathering.

  • Enhance indoor gathering places to encourage student social interaction and academic exchange.

  • Modify existing classrooms and furnishings to better accommodate additional students and the new BYU–Idaho learning model.


Objective 5 - Strengthening faculty’s capacity to teach, lead, and inspire students.

BYU–Idaho is experiencing a season of powerful new ideas and curricula all across campus.

This inquiry and scholarship is blessed with inspiration because it is done by faculty whose hearts are right, whose eyes are single to the glory of God, and who desire nothing in their work but to bless the lives of their students.

To support the intellectual, academic, and teaching capacity of faculty, we will:

  • Fund academic projects that produce tangible results.

  • Offer stipends for student research assistantships.

  • Increase opportunities for faculty renewal.

  • Support curriculum and research fellowships.

  • Supply faculty grants for professional development, including obtaining a PhD.

  • Train new and existing faculty in BYU–Idaho teaching methods and materials.

Raising the quality of every dimension of the BYU–Idaho experience presents a number of challenges and exciting opportunities.

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We welcome your participation and invite your gifts in support of this worthy effort. Your contributions will enhance and accelerate our success.

President Clark G. Gilbert


Our Vision

President Clark G. Gilbert