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Two Avenues of Support

Scholarships & Grants and the Trustees/President's Fund are two primary avenues through which alumni and friends may support students and participate in BYU–Idaho's three major imperatives.


Scholarships & Grants
Through the various BYU–Idaho programs listed below, you can assist students based on need or merit, lend a hand to those from disadvantaged backgrounds, or even provide unique learning experiences.

We welcome your participation and invite your gifts in support of BYU–Idaho students.

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Trustees/President's Fund
Unrestricted funds are critical for BYU–Idaho's future. We do not yet know all that the Lord will have us do.

When you give to the Trustees/President's Fund, you provide the financial flexibility for the university to disperse funds where they are needed most and support specific priorities as outlined below.

We welcome your participation and invite your gifts in support of these worthy programs. Your contributions will enhance and accelerate our success. 


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BYU–Idaho Fundraising Goals 2010-14

Scholarships & Grants


 Experiential Learning


 Mentored Learning


 Heber J. Grant Scholarship Program


 Grant-in-Aid Fund




 Department of Academic Learning




Trustees/President's Fund




 Academic Societies


 Internship Hub Cities


 Campus Enhancements


 Outdoor Beautification


 Auditorium/Manwaring Center Enhancement


 Classroom Modification


 Thomas E. Ricks Endowment


 Online Learning


 Innovations & New Programs


 Eliza R. Snow Society


 Learning and Teaching Development




Grand Total Needed 2010-2014

$32.83 Million


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