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Future educator ready to teach math and life skills

Sun Jul 03 00:00:00 MDT 2011

Danielle Mendel Danielle Mendel graduated with a double degree in mathematics education and history education. She is thankful for her scholarship and is excited to teach.

Danielle Mendel can’t get enough of classrooms. Fresh from earning a double degree in mathematics education and history education, Mendel is excited to be a teacher and “give students the tools they need to succeed.” And judging from her BYU experience, both objectives are well within her reach.

As a student she cofounded the BYU Mathematics Education Association, which connects math education majors to each other and to available campus resources. She also served as a research assistant for associate professor Dan Siebert in the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

Mendel received a donor-funded scholarship, with which she was able to focus on her studies. “It allowed me to make the most of my BYU education,” she says. “I was blessed through the generosity of others, and I am inexpressibly grateful.”

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