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Humanitarian Aid Patterns

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Humanitarian Aid Patterns are no longer available.

In response to emergencies, Church leaders often provide Church members opportunities for service. Members close to the affected area, or even in neighboring countries, assemble humanitarian kits and make other needed items. Service that responds to humanitarian needs locally is more effective because:

  • Expensive freight costs are avoided.
  • Needed materials arrive at the affected area more quickly.
  • Locally purchased materials are generally more culturally appropriate.
  • Local membership can be mobilized rapidly.

In seeking to help organizations in your own community, you may learn of items they could use that you may be able to make or acquire. Find out what they need and help them as you can. It is not usually helpful for you to make things and then go looking for an organization that can use those items.

The Church welcomes donations to your local Deseret Industries store of new and gently used items, including clothing, household items, and books. In locations where there is not a Deseret Industries store, donations to other charitable organizations are welcomed and appreciated.