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In Memoriam/Honoring the Living

August 23, 2013

To honor loved ones who have passed away by making a donation in memoriam:

  • Select any Donate Online link on this website.
  • Enter a dollar amount next to the appropriate fund.
  • Check the "Make this donation recurring" option if desired.
  • Check the box that says "Name honoree." A box will open to provide additional information. 
  • Complete the form.
  • If you include the name and address of someone to be notified of the gift on the form, a notification will be sent to them by mail. 

Honoring the living

To honor someone you love who has not passed away, follow the same steps as above.


Publish a "shortcut" web address in a program, newspaper, or website

To place an "in memory donation" link in an obituary in the newspaper or online, you can contact a member of our web team at 801-422-4444, email us, or you can use a shortcut weblink we have created for various categories provided below.  The web address should be typed as seen, without adding www or http://. - All LDS Philanthropies main institutions - Humanitarian Aid Fund donation form - BYU donation form - BYU-Idaho donation form - BYU-Hawaii donation form - LDS Business College donation form


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