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October 10, 2008

Why Jim and Sandy Cook Put Their Trust in BYU

 There is a way to secure the blessings you enjoyed at BYU for future generations. Leave a legacy. Take a moment to learn of the Knight Society and consider the blessings of being generous.  Full Story

To Give, or Not to Give, That Was My Question

Mother playing on playground with daughter  When Brian arrived at BYU every penny mattered to him. See how he reacted one day when He was walking across campus and was bombarded by requests from volunteers to participate in BYU’s Choose to Give campaign for students.  Full Story

Rex and Ruth Maughan Energetically Advocate BYU Television

 “Rex and Ruth have an expansive vision of the blessings BYU Television brings to the world,” says Derek Marquis, acting general manager of BYU Broadcasting. “Their generosity is overwhelming and has made possible much of our growth. They have been an integral part of our International Expansion Advisory Council, and their insights are helping launch BYU Television into new countries.”   Full Story

Martin Harris' wallet is donated to LDS Church

Wallet once belonging to Martin Harris.  Descendants of a man who provided funding for the first printing of the Book of Mormon presented his wallet to the LDS Church on March 23, 2007, noting the $3,000 he donated in 1830 would be the equivalent of a $1.6 million gift in 2007  Full Story

LDS Business College Students Build and Donate PCs to Needy Families

Mark Drennen at LDSBC  The Lion's Den is a computer hardware class at LDS Business College in which the students are already entrepreneurs. They repair and sell some computers, build and donate others to people in need.   Full Story
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