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    Happiness is Highly Contagious

    Video: Watch some stories of people who have found joy in giving—Philanthropists large and small. Listen to their experiences and discover how they feel that giving is part of the Great Plan of Happiness.
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  • oscarsons
    Of Cougars and Lovebirds

    Video: Don & Shirley Oscarson have fond memories of both attending and giving to Brigham Young University. In this film they were given an open mic and asked to “interview each other.” The result was a wonderful glimpse into the lives of two people who have kindled that spark of generosity.
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  • human-powered-well-main
    BYU - Human Powered Water Well Drill

    Video: BYU student engineers build human-powered drill for clean water in developing nations. In addition to numerous health benefits, supplying a means for clean water will save villagers hours each day.
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