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BYU-Hawaii Video Library

  • Kone
    From Child Laborer to Child Liberator

    Video: Sery, an I-WORK student from the Ivory Coast, was abandoned and forced into child labor at a young age. He found his way to BYU-Hawaii, and his experience there inspired and empowered him to return to his country and help children who are suffering the same circumstances that he endured.
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  • Kazu
    Weak Things Become Strong

    Video: Kazu, a BYU-Hawaii student from Japan, struggled to learn English as a high school student. His desire to attend BYU–Hawaii motivated him to study hard, and he finished in the top of his class. Now he is enjoying opportunities he didn’t imagine were possible.
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  • Siniteke Fotu
    Setting an Example

    Video: Meet Siniteke Fotu, an I-WORK student from Tonga. As the oldest of 11 children, Teke has been the example for her younger siblings by finishing high school, serving a full-time mission, and attending college. Her father is a humble farmer, but she is able to attend BYU-Hawaii thanks to support from generous donors. After graduating she plans to return home and work in government.”
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  • RJ Gualberto
    Opening Doors of Opportunity

    Video: RJ, a BYU-Hawaii I-WORK student from the Philippines, went from imitating artwork from Church magazines to studying art in Paris and New York thanks to scholarships and internships.<br><br>
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