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What is LDS Philanthropies?

Trustees/Presidents Fund

What It Is

The Trustees/President's Fund at BYU-Idaho is made up of money that is not ascribed to any specific area of priority, but instead entrusted to the Board of Trustees in concert with the President for allotment as needs arise. Being able to respond effectively to imminent circumstances requires this kind of financial flexibility.

Why It Is a Priority

The administration must be able to keep up with the rise of new and even more effective academic procedures and tools. At the same time, not all of the Board-approved priorities receive as much recognition from donors as do others, and they may be supplemented from this fund.

What It Does and How It Helps

The Trustees/President's Fund enables the Board and the president to meet the ongoing challenge of furnishing students with the quality of progressive education they deserve. Through this fund, the Board of Trustees and the president take advantage of inevitable, unexpected opportunities, while enhancing existing programs regularly.

This fund directly supports those areas which the Board of Trustees has deemed most important to the success of BYU-Idaho — areas of wonderful opportunity that may otherwise have been left wanting simply because there were not enough funds available. And ultimately it provides critical assistance to the educational experience enjoyed by students at BYU-Idaho.