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The Center for Family History and Genealogy is a community of family history scholars–faculty, students, and volunteers–working and learning together to fulfill our mission, which is to:

  • ENHANCE STUDENT LEARNING: Provide extraordinary educational experiences for students committed to learning the science and methods of family history research.
  • SIMPLIFY METHODS: Create simplified, innovative tools and methods to engage researchers and expand the horizons of family history research.
  • CONDUCT TOP-TIER RESEARCH: Significantly impact scholarship worldwide to discover new knowledge and stimulate creative collaboration in academic research.

To accomplish this mission we:

  • Offer family history training for students on the BYU Provo Campus, at the BYU Salt Lake Center, and through correspondence courses and other distant learning.
  • Sponsor projects designed to provide information and/or training aides to the family history and academic community, including the Immigrant Ancestors Project, Nauvoo Community Project, Merrell English Marriage Index, Script Tutorials, and more.
  • Participate in and sponsor genealogical training conferences and workshops.
  • Sponsor and supervise student interns throughout the world in places such as London, Madrid, Bern, Boston, Washington, New York and Mexico City, and provide them with funding assistance.
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President Kevin J Worthen

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