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Phone’s for you: Students ring alumni for support

January 2011


Brigham Young University’s Annual Giving Office works to give every alumnus a chance to donate to the university. At the office’s heart is the Telefund, which employs current students to telephone and ask alumni to donate.

Student Peter Murphy, who worked in the Telefund for a year and a half, says: “When people choose to give they really are changing lives. I know this sounds cliché, but it’s the truth. There are many students who cannot afford their education without donor-funded scholarships.”

Alumni answer the call

BYU Telefund employs between 75 and 80 students like Murphy each semester. Each year students at the Telefund have more than 90,000 conversations with alumni resulting in more than 27,000 pledges to the university.

Student Laura Lindsay, who called for two semesters, says: “We focus on giving alumni opportunities to be givers. Once I learned this, I have been confident in asking people to donate.”


Alumnus Jared Slade, who worked in the Telefund from September 1998 through April 2002, says: “I once called a Catholic nun who had attended BYU. She told me how much she had enjoyed her BYU experience. She had very little in the way of material possessions, but she made a donation anyway. That has always stayed with me. If those who have so little can give back, then I can too.”

So when your telephone rings and the caller ID says it’s Brigham Young University, know that your support matters to BYU students and that our invitation is genuine. Ask about your caller’s studies, and share with him or her your BYU experience.

Donate Online

Visit the official BYU Telefund website.