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Ready, Set, Action—Alum Earns Student Emmys

February 2011

nathan-lee Nathan Lee received best director and best drama student Emmys for his short film Inspector 42.

Nathan Lee has always had a passion for film and movies. Even though he graduated from Brigham Young University recently, he already has significant experience in the film industry— not to mention two student Emmys from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Foundation.

Lee has worked on film as a camera assistant and producer’s assistant. But he knew he wanted to go beyond the technical aspects of filmmaking and focus on how stories are shared. He decided to return to school and finish his theatre and media arts degree at BYU.

“One of the greatest highlights of my time at BYU was the faculty involvement in my education,” he says. “I came back to school after working professionally so I could learn from people who had more experience than me—both in the field and in life. By the time I graduated I knew I had earned a great degree that came with an increased understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ and how it can relate to everything.”

As part of his senior course work, Lee wrote and directed Inspector 42, a dramatic short film that lightheartedly highlights the importance of “shirt safety.” The film won best director and best drama student Emmy awards.

Both Lee and the film’s student producer say that the success of the movie is due in large part to the overwhelming support of BYU’s faculty and the incredible resources of the Department of Theatre and Media Arts.

“My film was supported financially by a Mary Lou and Ira A. Fulton award,” Lee says. “Through their generous support I was able to put into action what I had learned, and it allowed me to take my education to the next level in ways that classrooms alone cannot provide.”