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Church History

The Church History Fund is a financial resource for authorized historical projects of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. These include historical restoration, Church history research, and acquisition of records, art, and artifacts. These projects are under the direction of the Church Historic Sites Committee, the Museum of Church History and Art, the Church Archives, and the Church History Library. The activities are funded by the Church and through private donations from individuals and families who desire to help preserve the past.

To allow for maximum flexibility, cash donations to the Church History Fund are generally not earmarked for specific projects, but are distributed to priorities currently approved by the Church.

Why It Is a Priority

Through the years, many desiring to assist with Church-approved historical projects have contacted Church leaders, the Church History divisions of the Family and Church History Department, and other organizations asking how they can most appropriately assist in historical restoration, research, and preservation projects. This central fund has been established to provide a reliable and recognized channel for focusing funds on high- priority, approved projects.

Without support from the Church History Fund, some worthwhile projects may be significantly postponed or not initiated.

Throughout the scriptures, God's children have been asked to "remember" how He has blessed them, upheld them in their trials, and delivered them from bondage. We preserve the memory of sacred events and places today in order to ensure our connection with Him now and in the future.

Remembering our family heritage helps us appreciate who we are and where we have come from. It positions us in time, giving us a place and a higher reason for being. We can build upon past accomplishments and avoid past mistakes. With a sense of the past, we want to ensure a better future for our posterity. Remembering our spiritual heritage helps us bring others to a knowledge of God and allows our posterity to enjoy the blessings of the same covenants now and in the future.

Your Donation Helps

Through generous private donations combined with Church resources, several very significant restoration projects in Kirtland and elsewhere have been made possible. Private donations have recently provided additional funding for major Church history-related publication projects and the acquisition of historical materials, art, and properties.

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