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Gift Planning

Giving connects us with those around us and refines the giver while blessing the receiver. It deepens our care for our brothers and sisters. It draws us closer to God as we give of the means that He has given to us. Gift Planning allows you to enjoy the wonderful act of blessing the lives of others while also accomplishing your giving goals. It provides opportunities to you and your family to be involved in the gift-making process and to consider a variety of options with your gift: timing, distribution, income retention, and tax savings. Gift planning is value-driven and frequently, involves financial and legal assistance. This is why Gift Planning Services at LDS Philanthropies was created, to assist you and your advisors in creating a gift that suits your goals and situations.


Why Plan Your Giving

Use giving as a tool to improve the world and bless your family.
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For Professional Advisors

Resources for lawyers, accountants and financial planners.
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What to Give: Assets

Cash is great, but other things can make a difference too.
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Gift Planning Services (GPS)

Helping you navigate ways to give.
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How to Give: Tools

With gift planning, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.
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Gift Planning Videos

Quick explanations of important charitable tools in video format.
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