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LDS Business College offers a market-driven, skills-based education that requires two years or fewer to earn. Its curricula focus on fields where employment demand is high and entry-level pay can sustain a small family. To achieve this end, LDSBC offers small class sizes and personal instruction in an environment that helps students deepen their testimonies of the Savior. Two-year associate degrees and one-year technical certificates are offered as well as shorter online classes. The college’s success rate is high: 90 percent of graduates are offered a job in their field of study within 90 days of graduation.

Current Fundraising Priorities

  • LeGrand Richards Service Scholarship for returned missionaries
  • Stella Harris Oaks Horizon of Hope Scholarship for single parents
  • Online curriculum development
  • Trustees and President’s Fund

    • Caring for the One

      LDS Business College recently drew national attention for its effectiveness in mentoring at-risk students. The institution received two of the eight awards given as a Model of Efficiency.
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    • Authentic Learning at Ken Garff Honda

      If students are to fly on their own, at some point they have to close the books and get their hands on the controls, believes an instructor at LDS Business College. In the case of students in the principles of marketing class, that meant sitting in staff meetings with the boss and looking under the hood with a mechanic at Ken Garff Honda in Salt Lake City.
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