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What is LDS Philanthropies?

Our Vision

President Richards

LDS Business College President J. Lawrence Richards

At LDS Business College, we have the opportunity to work with some of the choice youth of Zion during a very interesting and sometimes challenging period in their lives. Because of our small size and the personal attention we offer, time at LDS Business College can accelerate the dreams of those who know what they want. And yet we can plant seeds and nourish the budding interest of those who do not yet see a clear future.

Our mission is simple: we provide an educational experience deeply rooted in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to enlighten minds, to elevate hope and to ennoble souls. In this season of change at the College, we have the possibilities of blessing even more lives, and it is clearly within our reach. We invite you to join with us to bless the youth of Zion as we plant and nourish and harvest in this small but fertile corner of the Lord’s vineyard.


Our Vision

President J. Lawrence Richards

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