New Self-Reliance Services Initiative Ignites Hope

June 2015

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With more than 15 million Church members worldwide, it is not surprising to find members in many locations who lack the spiritual and temporal necessities of life - yet who are actively yearning for the ability to provide for themselves and their families. Since 2014 the Church has opened more than 1,100 Self-Reliance Resource Centers in or near stake centers. The historic Perpetual Education Fund (PEF) is one component of this exciting new internationally focused Self-Reliance Initiative that is operating in 75 countries.

How does it work?

Local priesthood leaders invite members to join self-reliance groups, where they support each other in learning and living essential principles of spiritual and temporal self-reliance. In addition, participants learn how to start and grow their own businesses, develop interview skills that can lead to new jobs, or create an education plan that may include a PEF loan. As a result, their hope increases and they develop new skills for a better life. For example, Irene, a single mother of four living in Ghana, chose the entrepreneurial route and turned her seamstress skills into a mobile sewing service. As a result, she can now afford to send her children to school.