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PEF Success Story: Jenny, Philippines

February 2013

Jenny PEF Philippines

Jenny applied for a PEF loan to help her complete the last two years of her bachelor of science degree in education, with an emphasis in general science.

The approval of Jenny’s PEF application was a blessing that she truly treasured, for it meant that she could continue her studies, unlike her two elder siblings, who stopped attending school because of very limited family resources. The PEF loan was made available to her when her parents could not financially support her education due to her father’s medical needs.

She passed the licensure examination the month after her graduation. She was immediately offered a job in Cebu and started to help her family provide for the medical needs of her father. One of Jenny’s primary goals after graduation, aside from helping her family, was to fully repay her loan. Her motivation to do that helped her manage her resources, and three years after graduation Jenny had fully repaid her loan.

Jenny was considered for promotion to a supervisory position in her place of employment but declined the offer because she is preparing to serve a full-time mission. Jenny regularly volunteers at the local PEF service center.