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Temple Building Fund

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The Temple Building Fund is a means through which members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints—and others—are invited to contribute to the construction of new temples in many parts of the world. Although there are now more than 100 temples in operation, faithful Saints in many countries must still travel long distances to receive the sacred blessings of temple worship.

LDS Temple, Boston LDS Temple, Boston
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Why It Is a Priority
As the population of Church members continues to grow worldwide, there is a great desire among the First Presidency and the Council of the Twelve Apostles to bring temple worship and its associated blessing closer to the people. The Temple Building Fund was created to provide those who have desires to help with this vital program with the opportunity of doing so.

What It Does and How It Helps
The Temple Building Fund is a means through which you can eternally bless many lives - the lives of those who will eventually worship in these temples. It also allows the Church to accelerate the construction of these temples, bringing temple worship and ordinances ever closer to the members. As a result, thousands more Latter-day Saints can have the privilege and blessing of temple ordinances in their lives. Your generosity and desires to share can help make temple blessings available to worthy Latter-day Saints around the world. That is the mission of Temple Building Fund.

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