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Young Couple Makes Wedding-Day Donation

August 2016

Young Couple Makes Wedding-Day Donation

“We hope and pray that we can be a tool in the hands of the Lord in helping other[s] attend the temple,” wrote a newlywed couple on their wedding day, their motivations for giving clear. “We love and admire this inspired way in which we can help those who stand in need.” 

When it comes to gifts, it’s safe to say that most newlyweds are thinking about getting, not giving. Starting a life together, especially when the bride and groom are young, seems to take a village of people joyfully paying it forward. But for this anonymous young couple, it was giving, not getting, that was top-of-mind on their wedding day.

After the ceremony, on the very day of their marriage, they made an unannounced visit to LDS Philanthropies, the dedicated fundraising department of the Church. There they left a donation—rather sizeable for their age and situation—to the Temple Patron Assistance Fund, along with an unsigned letter in which they shared their feelings about the temple and the blessings of eternal families. 

According to the letter, this was clearly a financial sacrifice for the young couple. Perhaps they forfeited some aspect of their ideal celebration to make this donation possible, or perhaps they gave the cash gifts they’d received from family and friends. The letter did mention that they are working toward being sealed in the temple, one year to the day. Though their day at the temple had not yet come, they did not want others who were ready to wait. What an act of generosity and faith.

Generosity and faith in action is at the very heart of LDS Philanthropies’ mission and purpose. LDS Philanthropies assists members and friends of the Church in receiving the blessings associated with giving, thus empowering them to freely express their philanthropic inclinations in donating their time, talents, and financial resources to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

For everyone with a covenant heart, there is a cause of goodness that holds particular poignancy. Meaningful philanthropic opportunities, large and small, are available to everyone with the desire to make a difference.