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A young girl in Cambodia looking at the camera.

Because of you,more people are receiving the care they need.

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Humanitarian Services

Through generous donations from people like you, Humanitarian Services of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, who operates LDS Charities, provides aid to people around the world without regard to cultural or religious affiliation. Donations to the Humanitarian Aid Fund provide emergency response and disaster relief, fund a variety of local humanitarian efforts, and long-term aid through major initiatives such as:

Two ideas are at the core of the Humanitarian Services response:

100% of every dollar donated is used to help those in need without regard to race, religion, or ethnic origin.

Humanitarian Services helps people attain self-sufficiency so they can be self-reliant long after Humanitarian Services departs.

In 2017 LDS Charities worked in 139 countries and territories on 2,705 projects with over 1,800 partners to serve millions of people.

Donate to Humanitarian Aid