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BYU-Idaho Giving

BYU-Idaho Flood Relief

Recent flooding in Rexburg on July 15, has impacted many of the students at BYU-Idaho. In an email sent by President Kim B. Clark to all employees and students, he said,

"This has been an unforgettable week in the history of BYU-Idaho. A typical warm Tuesday afternoon in July quickly became anything but typical as the weather changed in a moment and the forces of nature took over. There was nothing we could do but watch as the flood waters moved with stunning speed and power through campus and across Rexburg. Considerable damage was done at the university and in the community. Through it all, however, there have been countless stories of service, dedication, and perseverance - qualities that define this institution and the lives of those who attend and work at the university."

BYUI Flood Relief

It has been an amazing experience to watch the campus and local community come together to serve and love one another.

"The students serving is by far the key take-away of this experience. Buildings can be repaired and dried out, but the important thing is people and how they've been affected. Our students got that. We're seeing videos of students literally rolling up their sleeves, jumping in and getting each other out. We couldn't be prouder," said Marc Stevens, university spokesman, in an interview with the Deseret News.

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