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BYU-Idaho: Preparing Disciple-Leaders in Zion

Brigham Young University-Idaho is preparing young people to be disciples of the Savior and leaders in their homes, in the Church, and the world around them.

We are pursuing this mission in a time of turmoil, but also a time of miracles and heavenly blessings.

As we move forward in preparing disciple-leaders, there are three great imperatives before us.

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1. Improve the Quality
We must raise substantially the quality of every aspect of the BYU–Idaho experience—spiritual, intellectual, and social. This will require inspired innovation and important changes in many aspects of our work. Learn more.

2. Serve More Students
We must make a BYU–Idaho education available to many more young people of the Church. This will require that we continue to search for creative ways to organize, schedule, and calendar the educational experiences of our students so that more of them may come. Learn more. 

3. Lower Relative Cost
We must lower the relative cost of education. BYU–Idaho is already a remarkably efficient school. Even as we seek to increase quality and serve more students, we must pursue new ways to be more productive. Learn more.

Join Us

We welcome your interest and participation. With all of us working as one, with the inspired guidance of the Board, this university will move forward on the steady, upward course the Lord has set.

Learn more about BYU–Idaho's Fundraising Priorities and the Two Avenues of Support.


  • Student Inspires with Passion for Pantone and Pixels

    Hard work and prayers led Kimberly Turnbow to BYU-Idaho to pursue her creative dream in graphic design. Her scholarships have not only helped her afford a computer, software, and art supplies, they have also made her more determined to make the generosity of others worth their investment in her.
    Full Story

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Items 1 - 3 of 15  12345Next

Our Vision

President Kim B. Clark


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