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In record numbers, young men and young women from around the globe are feeling the desire to serve. Not all have the financial resources, however, to fully fund a full-time mission. Generous donors provide needed funding so that all who want to serve a full-time mission may do so. These missionaries not only bring blessings to the lives of the many people they serve and teach, but they are also blessed in return for their service as they gain communication and leadership skills.

In 2013, President Thomas S. Monson invited members to help support the missionaries - especially those of lesser means - in their efforts to serve the Lord in a meaningful way. Donations to the General Missionary Fund really do help “change and save lives.”

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    • 2:51
      Making Missions Possible

      Video: Sister Marina Andrade needed help from donations to the General Missionary Fund. She also needed an answer to prayer when forced to leave her mission early and return home to Brazil in a wheelchair.
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    • 02:17
      Making Missions Possible: The Australian

      A prompting received by a sister missionary at General Conference leads to a referral. She spent weeks trying to contact the referral with no success. Imagine her when she meets a stranger from Australia, whom is the very person she has been trying to contact.
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    • 2:54
      Making Missions Possible: Jasmina’s Story

      Sister Back feels very honored and fortunate to serve her mission on Temple Square. One of 222 sisters there, she feels she is walking on sacred grounds every day. From Finland, Sister Back gained a desire to serve a mission when she saw the gospel change the life of a friend.
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